viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

WH questions with simple present tense

The "wh-questions" are a group of questions that begin with an interrogative pronoun (a "wh-word"): what, which, who, Whom, Whose,when, where, why, and also questions that begin with "how", that while it is obvious that doesn't begin with "wh", belongs to this group because the word is behaving the same way. this questions have the intention of ask specific information.

  • What? - actions, things - ¿Qué?
  • Where - places - ¿Dondé?
  • When - dates, day, months, year - ¿Cúando?
  • Who - people - ¿Quién? (subject pronoun)
  • Whom - people - ¿A quienes?, ¿para quién o quienes? (object pronoun)
  • whose - people- ¿De quién?
  • which - things, kinds - ¿cúal?
  • Why - reasons, answer: Because - ¿Por qué?
  • What time - time, hours - ¿A qué horas?
  • How - way, maneers - ¿Cómo?

Grammar Structure:

Wh question + Aux do/does + subject + verb + complement + ?


  1. what do you do i the morning?
  2. where does Claudia work?
  3. when do they present the exam?
  4. who plays soccer? / who does he play with ?
  5. whom do you invite?
  6. whose cell phone keeps ringing?
  7. which is your favorite sopping mall?
  8. why do ypu have to come in the school?
  9. what time does sergio study?
  10. how do you feel today?

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